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The Perth and District Pipe Band association with the Gaelic Society of Perth

Perth and District Pipe Band has had a long association with the Gaelic Society of Perth and was indeed formed by members of the Society’s Pipe band along with members of the 5th Volunteer Battalion of The Black Watch in 1893.

The first Pipe Major was Peter McDonald who later became piper to the Society and one of the society’s longest serving pipers James MacPhee

was also part of the original band.

The Band supports the Society by helping to provide Pipers on Ceilidh evenings and sees it as a great opportunity to allow the younger members to participate in performing in front of an always appreciative audience, also allowing them to become involved in the Gaelic culture.

In 2014 Pipe Major Alistair Duthie was asked to fill the role as Pipe Major of the Society

that had lain vacant for a few years.

In 2016 the Gaelic Society of Perth decided to have a Pipe banner commissioned and this is now in the keeping of the Pipe Major. It is used at special events in the City’s calendar by the Pipe band and also at the Gaelic society’s own events.

-Alistair Duthie      

The design of the Pipe Banner for the Gaelic Society of Perth

The inauguration of the new Pipe Banner at the September Céilidh 2015

Photograph from Fraser Band at
Brogan in Dec 2018.jpg


Tom Sinclair

Some of the pipers who play with the Society from the Perth Pipe Band

Tom Sinclair Oct 16_edited.jpg
Kaitie Duthie_edited.jpg

Katie Duthie

Alistair Duthie Society Piper.jpg

Alistair Duthie the Society Piper

October ceilidh 2017 performers.JPG

Jack Liddle 

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